Engaging Learning

Train The Trainer

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” – Albert Einstein


Having people within your organisation who can draw on their internal knowledge and experience and who have the skills to pass on that knowledge in an engaging way can be an invaluable resource supporting training across your business.

The good news is that individuals, like leaders, are not born with an innate skill to be a Trainer, these skills can be learned and perfected, and there are lots of tools, tips and techniques which can be shared to help individuals develop into capable, engaging, and effective Trainers.

I run in-house workshops to develop internal training skills. Content and length of the workshops will vary depending on requirements and these can be focussed on delivery or can encompass the full range of trainer skills.  These workshops are highly participative, very practical and fun with the emphasis for participants on creating and delivering engaging workshops themselves. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Needs Analysis and identifying clear training outcomes
  • Designing and developing impactful Training
  • Understanding different Learning Styles
  • Delivering interesting and engaging workshops themselves
  • Handling challenging situations during training
  • Trainer styles
  • Evaluating training effectiveness

“I loved it, no other comment needed.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training event, I left feeling inspired and motivated to review and improve some of the standard training packages we have , but also to ensure we set up systems to capture and share all the great material that has been developed through this course.”

“Great – insightful and practical approach which will allow me to use techniques and tools when delivering training in the future.”

Learning Excellence
Gail Harrison