Sustaining Positive Change

Leading Change

“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” – Tony Robbins


As markets develop, organisations contract, grow or merge, and customers’ expectations increase, the shifting demands on businesses and the people within them mean we are all required to become ever more change ready. Dr John Kotters research with organisations suggests that over 70% of change programmes do not achieve their stated objectives.

Working with leadership teams and their people, I help them identify what is required in the preparation, implementation and sustainability phases for change programmes, large and small, to be successful.

This includes helping teams:

  • Translate the need and urgency for change to their teams
  • Set the direction for change and map out the change journey
  • Be aware of the different emotional reactions to change and how they can lead their team through the change process effectively.
  • Identify how to communicate with and engage their teams before, during and after change.
  • Anticipate and manage resistance to change
  • Review and monitor progress consistently along the way to ensure successful outcomes are met
  • Translate theory into action to sustain the change momentum

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Gail Harrison