Empowering Leadership


“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  – Jack Welch

In todays face paced environment, leadership skills are more important than at any other time, with demands on your time coming from all angles.  As a leader you are expected to set direction for your people, something which engages excites and motivates them, translate that direction into clear plans and then sustain that motivation to help achieve your stated Vision in ever changing circumstances.

The myth that leaders are simply born with these skills has long since been dispelled, and I work with individuals and teams with leadership responsibilities to help develop skills in the following areas to increase leadership capability:

  • Setting Direction : Supporting the creation of a vision for the team/organisation of your desired future, or helping you create a team purpose and then working with you to develop the plans to achieve it
  • Communication and Engagement: Identifying communication strengths and development areas, appreciating different communication styles and preferences with a clear plan for improving your own skills so that you communicate more effectively.
  • Empowering others: Improving coaching and delegation skills, which in turn enables the team to become more autonomous and self-directed resulting in greater levels of fulfilment and improved performance.
  • Leadership styles: Helping you to identify your leadership style preferences and to assess the impact you have, so that, where appropriate, you can choose whether you need to flex your style as a leader. This will enable you to increase the level of influence and effectiveness you can have with others.

“Gail was very knowledgeable about the key topics used here and very flexible in her delivery style. “

“I found the training very insightful and look forward to putting the knowledge gained into use.”

“I loved it, no other comment needed.”

“The delivery was very good, the trainer had a lot of experience, shared real life experiences, and was very keen to make the training environment relaxed and inclusive.”

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Gail Harrison