Enabling Personal Growth


“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.” – John Russell

 Coaching is increasingly seen as an invaluable tool in helping people tap into their potential.

We usually have the answers we need to be more successful, solve problems and make better decisions, but sometimes we are too close to the issue, or we lack the confidence in ourselves, or the skill to tap into those answers without help from someone else.  Coaching involves growth and change.  It’s a partnership, where the coach works interactively with an individual or team, helping them to change in the way they want, to produce the results they are looking for in their personal and professional lives.

Coaching can help people in many ways such as;

  • overcoming performance issues
  • increasing levels of motivation
  • improving communication with others
  • setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • working more effectively within a team
  • identifying and reducing conflict with others
  • becoming better leaders
  • increasing confidence levels

The coaching I offer takes two forms:

  1. I work with individuals/teams who want to make changes to how they currently operate and identify coaching as a tool to support those changes. Typically this will be face to face over an agreed period of time.
  1. I run in-house coaching skills workshops to build internal coaching capability

Additional Tools

MBTI and/or 360 degree feedback can be used early on in the coaching process to increase an individual’s/teams self-awareness.

See here for more information about MBTI.

“Obvious knowledge and enthusiasm”

“I found the training very insightful and look forward to putting the knowledge gained into use.”

“Good level of interaction. Not too formal – good atmosphere = good interaction. Plenty of activity to break it up and cement understanding.”

“Gail was exceptional, very welcoming and easy going. made my experience very enjoyable.”

“I loved it, no other comment needed.”

“This was a good course and gave me plenty to think about on how we lead change in our factory.”

Learning Excellence
Gail Harrison