Developing Your Potential

Learning Excellence for change, coaching and leadership

At Learning Excellence, I work with individuals, teams and organisations who are navigating change in its many different guises, to achieve improved personal and professional results, which in turn translates into greater success. You define what success looks like for you and I work with you to achieve it.

I provide workshops in the areas of change, coaching, leadership, and train the trainer and also offer 121 coaching for those who want a more individual approach.

Specifically I…

  • Provide tailor-made skills and capability training which enhances leadership effectiveness
  • Offer insights into the challenges of change and provide tools, techniques and skills to overcome the obstacles along the change journey.
  • Help people see the change opportunities which they can harness, becoming masters of change rather than slaves of it.
  • Deliver Train the Trainer programmes which encourage an interactive learner-centric approach to training and which can be tailored to your organisational needs.
  • Support people to recognise and tap into their gifts and talents for a more satisfied and enriched personal and professional life.
  • Provide ongoing coaching support to help embed learning and ensure sustainability of chosen solutions.

“Showed true understanding and passion throughout.”

“One of the best training courses I’ve been on!”

“Gail was very knowledgeable about the key topics used here and very flexible in her delivery style. “

Learning Excellence
Gail Harrison